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It is harmless to health and quickly burns excess fat deposits.


It provides the feeling of satiety. You don't reach for snacks between meals, and this allows you to better control your weight.


It contributes to weight loss and also prevents diseases.

AFRICAN MANGO GO is a supplement that is very effective in combating weight problems.

Simple and safe composition, free of all harmful substances.

Quick and long-lasting effects.

+3 millions

Diabetes and hypertension are only some of obesity-related diseases. In extreme cases, even a heart attack and cerebral infarction occur.

The incidence of these diseases is increasing every year

Start before it's too late!

is a safe product!

It's a balanced formula that combines natural ingredients, which is what makes it unique.

Perfect proportions

higher dose = better effect

Only natural ingredients!

African MangoGo contains only natural ingredients

Effectiveness and safety

No side effects

We have taken care of every detail!

African Mango Go can be called a natural fat burner. The unique formula allows no side effects.

  • Unique ingredients
  • Reduces hunger
  • Guarantee of a successful treatment



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Many people have already discovered its power!

74kg > 60kg

I decided to use African Mango Go because it contains natural ingredients. I didn't have to worry about side effects. And the results of the treatment are amazing!


14 kg less in 2 months

85kg > 65kg

I decided to start the treatment when I saw the first results of my friend. I used the supplement regularly and started to go for longer walks. I achieved my dream figure without sacrifices and without side effects.


20 kg less in 2 months

88kg > 68kg

During pregnancy, I did not restrict my food and ate as much as possible ... It affected me of course, that is, my weight. I don't even know when I reached the weight of 88 kg. Then I started the fight with the help of African Mango Go. Today I feel great in my skin!


20 kg less in 2 months

73kg > 59kg

After winter, I gained a few extra kilos. I wanted to get rid of them in a healthy way, so I chose African Mango Go. The effects are great, I feel fantastic and I was able to lose weight without the yo-yo effect!


14 kg less in 2 months

72kg > 63kg

I used to gain weight before important exams in college and eat when I was feeling stressed ... And that's why the weight kept going up. My specialist recommended African Mango Go. Finally, I can fit in my favorite dress.


9 kg less in 2 months
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The effects of African Mango Go have been confirmed by tests*

Start of the treatment After 5 weeks




Tests have confirmed the effectiveness of the product. As many as over half of the people examined lost weight by an average of 9.54%, whereas for those who were taking placebo, the weight decreased only by 1.43%

The tests were carried out on a group of 60 volunteers of different ages. Half of them were receiving African Mango Go and the rest - a placebo.

Every day we receive a lot of positive messages from satisfied customers!

Charlotte Sharpe

I had never believed in the power of supplements. And I regret that, because I could have achieved what I have now earlier on .. African Mango Go is great! I have no complaints. In 2 months I lost 13 kg! And I'm not hungry all the time! The treatment had no side effects.


2 days ago

Harry Griffin

Due to my sedentary work I let my weight gradually increase and I put on 20 kg .. I knew that I needed help of a good supplement. It was my wife who helped me find African Mango Go. The effects came surprisingly quickly, and after just three months I lost 20 kg .. I decided to continue the treatment and, as a result, I managed to lose the total of 25 kg. I am very pleased with myself :)


2 days ago

Lily Wilson

My experience with slimming diets began when my friends were making fun of my excess weight. I said STOP. My sister recommended African Mango Go. She used it herself and managed to lose a lot of weight. Today, 2 months have passed since the start of the treatment, and I lost 17 kg, without the yo-yo effect! This is a fantastic result. Finally, I feel like a real woman.


2 days ago

Olivia Evans

My friend persuaded me to start the treatment. We decided to get rid of excess weight together. This product has changed my life for the better. My problems with shopping in clothes stores are over. Before the treatment I was size 44, now I am 38! I feel great and I attract attention of guys :)


3 days ago


My excess weight resulted in multiple health problems. In the worst period of my life I weighed 89 kg. I knew I had to turn my life around. I decided to visit a trusted specialist. He recommended African Mango Go and after only 2 weeks I lost 5 kg ... And the weight continued to drop ... In the end I weighed 69 kg. My problems are over and I could now throw away my big trousers! ;)


4 days ago


My wife encouraged me to start the treatment because I looked really bad. Apparently, all those extra kilograms did not serve me. I wanted to change myself and, above all, be attractive to my wife again. Therefore, in addition to exercise, I decided to add a supplement. My wife found African Mango Go. It had a great composition, completely natural ingredients and the treatment was successful. I lost 11 kg in 2.5 months. This is an amazing result for me.


4 days ago

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A completely natural product that meets all safety requirements. Effects confirmed by tests.

Most frequently asked questions

1. What is African Mango Go?
African Mango Go is a supplement that speeds up the weght loss.
2. Does African Mango Go produce any side effects?
The supplement does not produce any side effects as it contains only natural ingredients. Stormcum has undergone multiple tests which it has passed with ease.
3. What is the recommended dosage of African Mango Go?
Simply take 1 capsule a day, preferably in the morning, with plenty of liquid.
4. How much can one pack of African Mango Go do? 
One package is enough to start the treatment.
5. How many capsules are there in a pack of African Mango Go?
One packet contains 30 Stormcum capsules.
6. How long will I wait for delivery?
The package should reach you within 24h.
7. May I pay for African Mango Go on delivery?
Of course we provide this service: you may pay by bank transfer or on delivery.
8. Can it be ordered from abroad? 
Yes it can be ordered from abroad. 

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